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Facebook Check Ins Are The Best Way To Generate Word-Of-Mouth Referrals…

Which Means A Load Of New Business For Your Restaurant

Don’t Believe Me? Take a look at this!

A Single Check In Is Typically Seen By At Least 100+ Friends!

And When Your Customer Checks-in at Your Restaurant, This Is What Their Friends see in THEIR Newsfeeds!

Not only does it show where your customer is, but also their recommendation along with all of the others that recommend the location as well.

And they will do this from inside your restaurant!

The basics of check-ins. Watch.

The magic starts with the table topper or register display.

Want even more customers? Of course you do.

  • The Restaurant Birthday Club

    Get a promotion in front of thousands of people with birthdays in a week or two. These aren’t from your customer list!

  • WIFI Marketing Program

    Text or email your customers a coupon or special after they’ve left. Fully automated.

  • Positive Review Program

    As an addition to the WIFI Marketing Program, or as part of your website. It can be for the restaurant and for the waitstaff.

See the table toppers on the other menu tab.

The check-in program will work with bakeries, coffee shops, salons, and even retail stores.

The best place to start is with a call or my visit.

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