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Similar to the video on the home page, but with additional information.

In 2016, Facebook got a lot of heat for changing their FB Feed algorithm.

The Feed was no longer chronological, but instead, Facebook would choose what they felt was most important, which meant lots of advertising, ‘featured’ posts, and even ‘fake news’…

People hated it!

To counteract this, in early 2018, Facebook changed the algorithm to give priority to content from friends and family members.

Here’s The Truth: ‘Word Of Mouth’ Advertising Beats Paid Advertising Hands Down…

My team leader has been offering this service to restaurants now for 11 months.

Every single restaurant that she worked with saw an INSTANT boost in their Facebook engagement with customers, and…

Practically all restaurants saw higher foot traffic, more table reservations, and bigger profits within a week!

The main check-in program has everything you need to motivate your restaurant’s customers into checking in via Facebook, by using ethical bribes, such as discounted meals, free food / drink items, or surprise gifts.

But one thing everybody loves are contests! There’s just something about us humans that makes us very competitive, and I’ve found the perfect way of using this competitiveness to dramatically boost check-ins.

This optional contest module will show you how to easily create daily/weekly/monthly check-in contests that will motivate people to check in to win a prize. Some examples are:

Funniest photo
Scariest Halloween costume
Best ‘food porn’ photo (most artistically shot meal)
Most loyal customer with the highest number of check-ins

….and so much more!

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